Thursday, 10 September 2009

Borderlands: Shooting itself in the head? Part 2

Further to my post here about Borderlands advertising strategy I sent an email to Gearbox Software. In this email I asked a set of questions about the decisions behind the box art.

Surprisingly but happily they answered me, and it was not an automated response.

Below are the questions I asked:

Do you think that the box art is a little dangerous?
With the image of a man shooting himself with a finger gun, and then a liquid coming out from the other side?
Do you feel this may be interpreted wrongly by such publications as the Daily Mail?

They replied:


Thanks for writing with your interest in Borderlands. Our box art certainly has gotten people talking! Here's an article you can read that features Randy Pitchford, our president, talking about the choice for our box art:

Allison "ennui" Berryman
Community Manager
Gearbox Software

Following that link with your mousey clicker you will find a good little interview with Randy Pitchford. I suggest you read it if you have any interest in Borderlands.

A big thanks goes out to Allison Berryman for replying to my email, and IGN for the original news article.

Friday, 4 September 2009


I recently picked up a copy of Wolfenstein for the pc, which I have been playing for the last few days.

Short review - AWESOME!!!

This game is a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying it. I'll write up a longer review and have it up for tomorrow.

One part I really like is the hub for the missions, which is the town of Isenstadt. You get to walk freely around this area whilst you look for missions. But the real joy is that both Nazi and resistance fighters patrol the streets. Now when these two people's meet they all have a wonderful dance.
No, they fight, and they fight hard!
I was calmly walking towards my next mission, when I heard the sound of gunfire and explosions. As I sprinted around a corner I came across several resistance fighters locked in battle with some Uber Nazi soldiers. After a tense five minute battle I had managed to tip the favour of the battle in the resistance's favour, and won the battle!
But not the war, which is what I love so much about the city of Isenstadt, it feels like a war is going on around you, and you are simply a small part of that.

My pre-review verdict? Buy this game now and enjoy yourself, until Batman:Arkham Asylum comes out anyway.